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Pedr V ffeil Padern (b. 1976) is the current King of Kemr. He became Duke of Kemr (Crown Prince) when his father, Costenhin, died of cancer in 1990. He entered the University of Glastein in 1994 and did a degree in microbiology. By agreement with his grandfather, King Gereint, he took no public position at court, preferring to remain a private citizen. While at university he met his long-time partner Sarah Pomhui. Their first child, Princess Bewdrig, was born in 1998. Prince Pedr showed an independent frame of mind while at Glastein when a tabloid newspaper revealed that he was a supporter and paid-up member of the University Republican Society. He became more active in public life after an assassination attempt on King Gereint in 2000. In 2001 the family moved to Meddlan in Dui so Pedr could study the Foot and Mouth Outbreak first-hand. His workload meant he was a regular commuter going the length of the country. With the death of King Gereint in 2004 he became twentieth King of Kemr. Despite his commitment to a private family life he has not attempted to hide behind the arcanery of royal protocol. He married Sarah Pomhui, his partner, in preparation for their coronation so that they could be crowned as king and queen together. He is famously known for wearing his hair in dreadlocks made of ratstails. It has proven to be the bane of numismaticists.

His heir according to Salic law is his fourth child and first son, Prince Maesen. Pedr's first three children being daughters led to the topic of succession law change being a major topic in the national discourse in the mid-2000s and the possibility of having Princess Bewdrig end up lla Derruin of Kemr, but Maesen's birth in 2007 meant there was a clear heir to the throne and the discussion was considered closed for the time being. Nevertheless, some feminists have expressed discontent over the overly young Maesen being chosen over Bewdrig and his other sisters by sole virtue of being male.

Preceded by:
Gereint XIII
ill Terruin of Kemr
2004 - present
Prince Maesen