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Panbaltism is an idea held by some people of Baltic nations (such as Lithuanians, Prussians, Latvians and Sudovians) that these nations should be united into one single state. They call the nations-to-be "brother-nations" and claim that they have separated only due to historical events and that this separation should come to an end.

The proposed country would be called Baltia.

In Lithuania (among Lithuanians and Sudovians) Panbaltism is supported by some as a possible alternative to the multi-ethnic country with many Slavic lands, and as well in some cases even to the union with Veneda. Among Prussians most of Panbaltists are pagans and they do not like interference in their religion which has happened. They would want to be part of a pagan country. Some Prussian Christians also support panbaltism because of their belief that a Prussian nation would have more influence in Baltia than in Veneda and because of cultural and linguistic similarities. The Prussian language is commonly promised an official language status by Panbaltists. It is in Latvia that the idea has the least support, supported by some of the pagans, but viewed disdainfully by Christians who believe that Baltia would be a Lithuanian-dominated officially pagan state. Most Panbaltists denounce such claims and support the idea that Baltia would be a federation. However, most Latvians would not want to lose their independence. Ethnic minorities have various views towards Panbaltism but most of them (with a probable exception of some of the Germans from Lithuania who also have relatives among Latvian Germans) consider any such changes to be unnecessary.

There are also disagreements among the Panbaltists on what the borders of Baltia should be. Some propose the de facto ethnic boundary (that is, only the northern half of Prusi province and no southern Lithuanian lands. An attempt would be made to exchange some parts of Lithuania with a Belarusian majority for parts of Belarus with a Lithuanian majority. They claim the country would then be most manageable. Others see such a solution as non-viable as it would not be good for Baltia itself if Veneda (Galicia) or Belarus would get stronger with new lands. These suggest a union of the whole province of Prusi, Lithuania and Latvia along de jure boundaries. This suggestion has the most support usually and in such a state Baltic ethnicities would still constitute a majority of the population. Some others imagine Baltia as an empire, which would as well include Tobago, Maasai, former Lithuanian self-rule areas in Tejas, Free Lithuania and Skuodia (many of these lands would probably have to be taken by force). The most imperialist Panbaltists (and perhaps the ones with the least support as well) want reunification of all formerly Baltic lands (Balts once lived almost as far as Moscow to the east and Warsina to the southwest).

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