Oxima Sadataque

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General Oxima Sadataque
Prime Minister of Japan Xòwa 10, Sañgaçu 7 - Saisei 1, Itxigaçu 1
April 12, 1942 - February 4, 1952
Political Party None
Date of Birth Meidji 14, Xitxigaçu 3
August 8, 1881
Place of Birth Tòquiò
Date of Death Saisei 5, Djùitxigaçu 20
December 23, 1956
Place of Death
Profession General

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General Oxima Sadataque was Prime Minister of Japan for most of the Civil War. He stepped down from the office after the peace treaty.

Preceded by:
Prime Minister of Japan
Succeeded by:
Yamamoto Nolihide