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edit Omnipresse — 07.MAR.2008 — Praise for Republicans

Ville-Marie — The Estates Generals of New Francy, who are currently chaired by a majority of republicans, has released a communique praising the tiny atoll of Tokelau for choosing to become a republic.

The comunique was signed by the leader of all 3 houses of the Estates General but not, significantly, by the Intendant who, through his spokesman, has delivered a "no comments" to journalists.

By resorting to filiburstering technique, the opposition in the house of roturiers as so far managed to prevent its majority from sending the so called Republican Bill to the Chamber of Patrician for its approval.


edit Australasian Press Association — 07.MAR.2008 — Republic of Tokelau: Australasia remains silent

With two provinces having issued contrary statements, the Australasian Court of Coordonators has found itself unable to issue a joint statement in regard to the developements in the self-declared republic of Tokelau.

The Court of Coordonators, which is prevented by law from acting on its own, has said it was still monitoring the situation and would release a statement has soon as a consensus is formed between the provinces' governments.

One province, Aotearoa, as so far recognised tokelau's provisional government by sending to the atoll newly proclaimed Minister Resident to Tokelau, Mr Aewa Temomo. Aotearoa has also sent troops and policemen to ensure Fiji respect the new republic.

Another province, New South Cambria, has officialy rejected Tokelau's bid for independence stating that the nation could only obtain its sovereignty with the agreement of Fiji.

The other 2 provinces, Kingsland and English Australia have stated publicly that they whished to remain neutral in the conflict.