Modus Vivendi of Pakštuva and Buganda

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Modus Vivendi of Pakštuva and Buganda was signed by Pakštuva and Buganda to end the period of mutual unrecognition of each other and the Bugandan invasion of Pakštuva in support of the failed Russian invasion in the end of the Thunderstorm War. Limited diplomatic ties were established according to the document, but the sides were not able to agree on the stopping of sabotages, terror acts and the support for anti-state groups in each other. The relations continued to be strained until 1942 when under a threat of Chinese and Ethiopian occupation several more documents were signed by the two countries.

Text of the document

English translation:

In this agreement, the word Buganda shall refer to the State of Buganda and the word Pakštuva shall refer to the Republic of Pakštuva.

1.Pakštuva and Buganda recognises each other's right to exist and sovereignity.
2.Buganda renounces all territorial claims on the territory of Pakštuva. Pakštuva drops any initiative to expand into Buganda.
3.In two weeks (14 days) since this agreement is signed, Buganda will remove all troops from the occupied regions of Pakštuva and the troops will not reenter. Other acts of war by Buganda against Pakštuva shall not be done either since the signing of this agreement.
4.Pakštuva will not commence landings on Buganda with its troops, aerial bombardment, navy attacks or any other acts of war against Buganda.
5.Pakštuva and Buganda will exchange consuls who will reside in the capital city of the other country. Both countries will retain right to deport the consul of other country, but the other country will be able to appoint a new consul.
6.This agreement is signed in Lithuanian and Russian languages on two papers and both papers shall have equal power.

Povilas Plechavičius, Supreme General of Pakštuva
Miroslav Petrenko, Tsar of Buganda

1940 03 05

Ratified by Pakštuva: 1940 03 06
Ratified by Buganda: 1940 03 08

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