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Marobud, Marbod, Marobudus (Marcomanian), boh. Mároput, *??? - †37 EC

Marobud was king of the Marcomanni. In order to deal with Roman, Marobud organised a confederation of several Germanic tribes in about 9 BC. The Marcomanni moved and settled in Bohemia, where they founded a kingdom.

Rivalry between Marobud and Arminius of Cherusci prevented a concerted attack on Roman territory across the Danube on south. After Arminius had successfully compelled the Romans in 17 EC behind Rhine, war broke out between Arminius and Marobud. Marobud was assailed in 18 EC by Katvald and exiled to Rome, where, 18 years later, he died.

previous known ruler predecessor Germanic prince successor
N / A N / A 9 BC - 18 EC Katvald ca 18 EC