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Lithuanian Air Force existed during the interwar period, when Lithuania was an idependent country. Thunderstorm War (Second Great War) was the major event when the air force had to fight. After the Second Great War, the air force became part of the RTC Air Force.

Quite neglected during the times of the democratic regime, after the 1926 coup Lithuanian Air Force was expanding.


Airship classes

Class codeMeaning of class codeEnglish translationPurposeNumber built/aquiredFirst built/aquiredLast built/aquiredCountry of originAirship naming
ŽVAŽvalgybos OrlaivisReconaisance AirshipReconaisance219211924Holy Roman EmpireDangaus (sky) + word related to mission
ŽVOŽvalgybos OrlaivisReconaisance AirshipReconaisance319271929LithuaniaWords related to mission
DTODidysis Transporto OrlaivisGreat Transport AirshipTransport319231928Holy Roman EmpireDangaus (sky) + word related to mission
DPODidysis Pervežimo OrlaivisGreat Transport Airship (another word for "transport")Transport719321938LithuaniaMedieval kings of Lithuania
DVODidysis Vežos OrlaivisGreat Transport Airship (another word for "transport")Transport0 (1 started)n/an/aLithuaniaCities of Lithuania
KAOKarinis OrlaivisMilitary AirshipMilitary319241927Federated KingdomsDangaus (sky) + word related to mission
LPOLengvasis Puolimo OrlaivisLight Attack AirshipMilitary (light)419301932LithuaniaModern political and military figures
TVOTvarkos Vedimo OrlaivisOrder Establishment AirshipMilitary (anti-insurgency)1019341937LithuaniaAbstract positive concepts
TKOTvarkos Kūrimo OrlaivisOrder Creation AirshipMilitary (anti-insurgency)1 (2 more started)19391939LithuaniaAbstract positive concepts
SPOSunkusis Puolimo OrlaivisHeavy Attack AirshipMilitary (heavy)919291935LithuaniaKey historical and political figures
SSOSunkusis Sprogdžiavimo OrlaivisHeavy Bombardment AirshipMilitary (bombardment)5 (1 more started)19371939LithuaniaFamous places of Lithuania

List of airships

NameEnglish TranslationCommissionedDecommissioned Lost due to
Reconaisance Airships
ŽVA Dangaus ŽvalgasSky Scout19211935 Accident
ŽVA Dangaus ŠnipasSky Spy19241936 First Slavic Uprising
ŽVO ŽiūrovasSpectator19271939 Thunderstorm War
ŽVO StebėtojasWatcher19281936 First Slavic Uprising
ŽVO PrievaizdasOverseer19291932 Accident
Transport Airships
DTO Dangaus NešėjasSky Carrier19231934 Maasai Uprising
DTO Dangaus KeltuvasSky Lifter19271936 First Slavic Uprising
DTO Dangaus VežėjasSky Rider1928captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
DPO Karalius GediminasKing Gediminas1932captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
DPO Karalius MindaugasKing Mindaugas19331936 First Slavic Uprising
DPO Karalius AlgirdasKing Algirdas19341967 Decomissionment
DPO Karalius KęstutisKing Kęstutis19351936 First Slavic Uprising
DPO Karalius VytenisKing Vytenis19361939 Thunderstorm War
DPO Karalius ButvydasKing Butvydas1937captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
DPO Karalius JaunutisKing Jaunutis1938captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
DVO BalstogėBalstogėnever completednever completed Thunderstorm War
Military Airships
KAO Dangaus KarysSky Warrior19241934 Maasai Uprising
KAO Dangaus KovotojasSky Fighter19271939 Thunderstorm War
KAO Dangaus ŽudikasSky Killer19271936 First Slavic Uprising
LPO Juozas TūbelisJuozas Tūbelis19301936 First Slavic Uprising
LPO Leonas BistrasLeonas Bistras19311934 Maasai Uprising
LPO Aitvaras GeležinkelietisAitvaras Geležinkelietis19311936 First Slavic Uprising
LPO Povilas PlechavičiusPovilas Plechavičius19321939 Thunderstorm War
TVO TvarkaOrder19341942 Borderland War
TVO TaikaPeace19341941 Scrapping for parts
TVO RamybėCalmness19341941 Fighting insurgents
TVO StiprybėStrenght19351936 First Slavic Uprising
TVO TiesaTruth19361940 Fighting insurgents
TVO VienybėUnity1937captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
TVO SantaraConcensus19371939 Thunderstorm War
TVO PagarbaRespect19371939 Thunderstorm War
TVO GarbėHonour1937captured by Russia Thunderstorm War
TVO GaliaPower19371939 Thunderstorm War
TKO TautaNation19391939 Thunderstorm War
TKO PergalėVictorynever completednever completed Thunderstorm War
TKO ValdžiaGovernmentnever completednever completed Thunderstorm War
SPO Antanas SmetonaAntanas Smetona19291939 Thunderstorm War
SPO Augustinas VoldemarasAugustinas Voldemaras19291937 Terrorism
SPO Karalius Mindaugas IIKing Mindaugas II19301939 Thunderstorm War
SPO Kazys PakštasKazys Pakštas19321939 Thunderstorm War
SPO Motiejus ValančiusMotiejus Valančius19321939 Thunderstorm War
SPO Jonas BasanavičiusJonas Basanavičius19331939 Thunderstorm War
SPO VydūnasVydūnas19341939 Thunderstorm War
SPO MaironisMaironis19341939 Thunderstorm War
SPO Antanas GustaitisAntanas Gustaitis19351939 Thunderstorm War
SSO Aukštutinė PilisUpper Castle19371939 Thunderstorm War
SSO PerkūnkalnisKilimanjaro19371942 Borderland War
SSO Pietų PašvaistėAurora Australis19381942 Borderland War
SSO Baltabokštė GiriaBelovezh Forest19381939 Thunderstorm War
SSO Tekaso ĮlankaGulf of Mejico19391939 Thunderstorm War
SSO Baltijos KoposBaltic Dunesnever completednever completed Thunderstorm War
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