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A Läßinischer is an inhabitant of Läßinischland, in Thuringia. More specifically, it can refer to speakers of Lessinu (also spelt Läßin, Läßinu, or Leßinu), or, perhaps, a member of the Lesinix Nacional Partae, a small party campaigning for Läßin independance.

Läßinischers are descended from a small group of Christians who fled the Roman Empire, from the persecution of them by the emperor Domitian. They proceeded to find themselves in Barbarian lands, but the Germanic tribes in the area were quite tolerant of their religion.

Due to having been lost in Barbarian lands, the Läßinischers were never really affiliated with the Catholic Church. The main religion in the area is known as Läßinisch Protestantism, even though they were never really protesting anything, they merely were never a part of it.