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The Justice Club of America (JCA) is a fictional team of superheroes in the Millennium Comics universe. Debuting in 2001, they have proven very popular and were the featured characters in two comic book miniseries.


The Justice Club of America

There are five full-time members to the JCA. All five came together when the Legion of Light and Sisters of Justice were busy at the same time, so were not available the minions of the Doctor Zee (a wheelchair-bound telepath) sought to steal Millennium City’s greatest treasures. Given that none of the five had ever gotten much respect from the other super-heroes, they formed their own group:

  • Owl Woman – Her real name is Helen Jordon, a mild-mannered librarian whose uncle always wanted to be superhero but never had the courage to use the many gadgets and weapons he designed. When he died, Helen inherited his property and decided to put those inventions to good use. She designed a cowl-like mask and a wing-like cape as well as an owl-logo. As an indication of perhaps why her crime-fighting career did not at first take off as splendidly as she’d hoped, she also spent hours practicing dramatic poses to “instill fear in the cowardly.” Her weapons include an Owl-gas-gun, Owl-handcuffs, Owl-Night-Goggles, Owl-Rope, Owl-Sneezing Powder, Owl-Spring-Boots, etc.
  • Mr. LuciferSeymour Simms is a reporter for the Millennium City Star Herald, a tabloid newspaper, who happened to be severely injured when covering an altercation between Doc Satan and Doc Gabriel. The latter gave him a blood transfusion of his own alien and transmogrified haemoglobin, which gave Simms superpowers. He became roughly three times as physically strong as he was before, and quite a bit more durable (roughly twice as healthy as he had been). Somewhat curiously, he also gained the upswept eyebrows of both Doc Gabriel and Doc Satan. He designed a caped costume of red and gold and proceed to use his new powers for the common good under moniker “Mr. Lucifer.” One of the problems he’s had to bear is that his girlfriend, Linda Loring, who also works at the City Herald, made it her business to make fun of the new super-hero at every opportunity.
  • HyperladGary Walthrude is the teenage son of a wealthy inventor. Always feeling the need to prove himself, Gary tried to help his father. One of these attempts resulting in Gary being splashed with a combination of drugs and chemicals that gave him the ability to move at incredible speeds. Unfortunately, once he begins moving at these speeds his nervous system can’t keep up for long. For example, he often doesn’t see something he’s about to run into (say, a building) until it is literally too late. He also gets dizzy rather easily. Still, he tries his best and his father is happy to fund the JCA for his beloved child.
  • Amazing WomanDinah Storm tried to be assertive her entire life. Fueled by her own sense of humiliation and shyness, she actually did learn all kinds of martial arts but lacked the confidence to use them. Until her therapist suggested she wear a mask to a karate event, hiding her meek self behind said mask. Not only did that work, it convinced Dinah to create a whole new alter-ego. Donning a mask, shield and skin-tight outfit (all in the midnight blue with white stars motif of the NAL flag), she began calling herself Amazing Woman to hunt down and beat up the criminals of the world. Unfortunately, she does have a tendency to get carried away. Her teammates have, for example, had to sometimes keep her from biting a dog that growled at her.
  • VerdegrisHenry Allard was Gary Walthrude’s best friend in high school. On vacation in Egypt, Henry found a magical ring (almost certainly an early experiment by Mum-Hotep) which convinced him he now had the means to become a superhero. Donning an all-green costume with a mask, Verdegris (as he called himself) joined forces with Hyperlad but together they had little success until forming the JCA. The magic ring allows the wearer to float (not fly), can turn anything green for between ten seconds and three hours (no predicting how long ahead of time), and can also emit an electric shock that hurts. Slightly.


Revengers, Inc.

After defeating Doctor Zee, the main adversaries of the JCA has been Revengers, Inc., an evil corporation determined to one day rule all of Millennium City. Although the corporation has employed countless super-powered minions (although never the first rank, because, after all, they are on a budget), the consistent leaders number three:

  • Baron Cerebellus – A Prussian aristocrat with huge ambitions, who used to indulge in scientific experiments of a medical and highly questionable nature. This is usually taken to explain his current state as a brain floating in jar. Privately, he admits the accident that cost him his body was far more prosaic. He won’t give details but he has hinted that he is firmly opposed to Fraternity Hazing as a direct result of the experience. Baron Cerebellus is arrogant and prissy, given to holding elaborate grudges (he once turned a girl who refused to go out with him into a ice cream monster). He has temper tantrums sometimes where he'll go off on tangents about some of his personal pet peeves (including the Nobel Prize he believes he deserves, the price of coffee, the cancellation of some of his favorite t.v. shows, the relative merits of various fast food restaurants, etc.)
  • Mademoiselle Moo – She is the Baron’s executive secretary/assistant/chauffer/bodyguard. She began life as a cow, but the Baron surgically altered her body to that of a curvaceous model, increased her intelligence and gave her the power of speech. Curiously, he left her face untouched, for which she is intensely grateful. The two have an oddly intimate relationship that NO ONE wants to know anything about. But she is supremely loyal to the Baron and is able to soothe his many mood swings.
  • Darr Nacion – For all practical purposes this is the VP of Operations for Revengers, Inc. He is an alien, approximately seven feet tall with hide-like gray skin, super-strength and virtual invulnerability. He also can emit telekinetic beams from his eyes with can crush a medium-sized car or type a letter or even turn common ingredients into a nice soufflé. According to him, he’s fulfilling a religious obligation of serving as the servant of someone on a backward planet for fifty years before assuming the throne (whereupon, he sometimes insists when annoyed, he will order the Earth vaporized).