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Józef foncu Hapšpurk, germ. Josef von und zu Habsburg, *1796 - †1856

Having a good example in his father, in 1819 when he became king, Józef followed ideas of him. Anyway, the fast development demanded new changes, which the king did not see. In 1848, bourgeois revolution, copying the European trend, stroke also Bohemian Kingdom. King reacted with delay, but effectively. He dissolved curiae and introduced political parties, thus every male older than 25 years disposed the right to vote. His brother Henrik found so called Royal Party (Ta Kénikrajchspartaj), becoming the chief of it. In late 1848, during the hunt, the king was seriously injured and he abdicated in favour of his younger brother Henrik, because he was childless.

Preceded by:
king Anton
Bohemia flag.gif
Bohemian king
Succeeded by:
king Henrik II.