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Johannes II.

Johannes von und zu Habsburg, boh. Hons II., *1725 – †1795

Archbishop Johannes had a difficult choice. His brother died suddenly childless and because of possible foreign intrusion from side of Prussia, he decided to take the power. He abolished celibacy in the newly reformed Common Bohemian Church (Ta Ólkmajna Pémiša Kirchna), holding both functions - king and archbishop of Prague. It was a direct following of Bohemian Way. He got married and being 49 years old, his wife Elizabeth von und zu Sternberg gave him son Antonius.

Rising tension in HRE resulted in aims of Prussia to enstrenghten its possition within Empire. To do so, 1766 Prussian king invaded Bohemian Kingdom in a try to capture Silesia and Lusatia. In a decisive battle at Semten, near Pardubitz, better equipped Prussian Army was able to defeat Bohemian Army, even it has almost twice as many soldiers as the Prussian one. Luckily, in a battle near Prague, 1767, Prussia was stopped in further attempts to unify HRE including Bohemian Kingdom. The peace was sour for Bohemians, they lost Lusatia and Silesia, but remained independent.

In the same moment, following the secret agreement between Austro-Dalmatian Monarchy and Prussia, Austro-Dalmatians had invaded Hungary. Bohemo-Hungarian Army, struggeling for survival in nothern Bohemia, was not able to stop them. Austro-Dalmatia in a short time conquerred all the Hungarian territory, which was not under Ottoman rule.

These two fatal failures led Johannes to think more intensivelly about development of the country to sustain any possible future aggression. He found the right successor in his son.

Preceded by:
king Albrecht III.
Bohemia flag.gif
Bohemian king
Succeeded by:
king Anton (Antonius)