Izumi Yasuhide

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Izumi Yasuhide
Title: Prime Minister of Ezo
 Term in office: Saisei 52, Nigaçu 1
March 7, 2003–Present
 Predecessor: ?
 Successor: Incumbent
 Date: Xòwa 17, Gogaçu 2
June 8, 1949
 Place: Toyohara (Carafuto)
Profession: Politician
Political Party: Confederationist
Relgious Affiliation: Russian Orthodox

Izumi Yasuhide is the current Prime Minister of Ezo.


Izumi was born in the province of Toyohara on the island of Carafuto, early in the history of the SNORist Republic of Ezo. In 1958, his family converted to Russian Orthodoxy.

In the mid-70's, Izumi joined the Rational-Progressive Party, SNOR's puppet regime. He rose in the party ranks, becoming provincial governor in 1985. He was removed from the governorship by the First Citizen in 1989 in the Purge of 48 due to reputed "disloyalty".

He returned to politics after the reintegration into Japan, being elected Governor of Toyohara again in 1996, where he served until 2000, when he entered the Ezoan Parliament, and three years later, was elected Prime Minister.

Despite Izumi's past connection with the RPP, he is generally considered a genuine democrat, and he insists that his membership in the Party was only because of the necessity of party membership to have any role in the government. And, indeed, he often came into conflict with the party membership, which led to his purging in 1989.

Preceded by:
Fuguda Tadasuque
Governor of Toyohara
Succeeded by:
Miximi Caii
Preceded by:
Ocamura Saemon
Governor of Toyohara
Succeeded by:
Quinaxi Chie
Preceded by:
Tamura Satoxi
Prime Minister of Ezo
Succeeded by: