Intendancy's Order of Merit

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Commander's decoration

The Intendancy's Order of Merit ("Ordre du Mérite de L'Intendance") is an organisation that was set up to reward those citizens of New Francy deemed to have served its interest beyond the call of duty.

Membership is granted by the Intendant based on submissions. It was set up in the second half of the 19th century to replace the obsolete military orders (after the disolution of the army) and some royal/civic ones that have fallen into abeyance. Many historians have maintained over the years that beside the morale boosting aspect, its creation was a roundabout way to increase the number of members to the patrician class in the gentry.

The Order today is composed of 3 levels (Companion, Officer, Commander) and 2 dignities (Cross, Great Cross). The levels are awarded only to neofrancians and grant automatic inclusion in the patrician class. The dignities on the other hand are awarded strictly to foreigners who are considered to have helped the Intendancy (the Great Cross is reserved for head of states and high dignitaries). Dignities in no way grant the status of patricians.