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  • 1791 - Beginning of the uprising.
  • 1793 - b. Jacque bien-Aimé Dessalines, future Jacque II.
  • 1799 - Death of General Toussain L'ouverture after his victorious battle against his rival, General Rigaud.
  • 1800 - Thomas Jefferson, author of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (1786) assists in writing the Haitian Constitution and makes the first English translation of it.
  • 1801 - France recognise Saint-Domingue as a republic with as head of state Jean-Jacques Dessaline, created as King Jacques 1er (officialy, the rebelion was only against the local french nobility and not France itself).
  • 1806 - Death of Jacques 1er, he is replaced by his son, Jacques II under regency of his mother Empress Marie-Claire Heureuse Félicité.
  • 1821 - The army invade The west and unify the island.
  • 1829 - Death of Jacques II, not having had offspring, he is replaced by his nephew, Baptiste Ier (from his twin sister Princess Célestine).
  • 18?? - Baptiste Ier refuse to recognise the return of the ancient regime in France and declare himself Emperor of Saint-Domingue.
  • 1879 - Death of Baptiste 1er, he is replaced by his son, Felix Ier
  • 1903 - Death of Felix Ier, he is replaced by his son, Louis-Joseph Ier. The new king proved to be weak-willed and lacking in charisma. Despite numerous calls to deploy the army to protect the island, he decided to pursue a policy of appeasement toward Florida-Caribea and let them retake the Castilean-speaking part. A civil war starts in the unoccupied part of the island between rebel pro-republican forces and loyalists.
  • 1915 - The loyalists under Général Bonenfant manage to pacify the eastern part and formely recognise the FC ownership of the west under the name of Dominican republic. a new constitution is drafted that make the emperor a strictly symbolic figure but gives most power to the prime-minister.
  • 1957 - the military overthrow the prime-minister and send the emperor into exile. The country is renamed Republic of Hayti. It renegued its treaty recognising the status of the Dominican Republic. Beginning of border skirmishes between the 2 states.
  • 2002 - beginning of the invasion of Hayti.
  • 2004 - Dissolution of Florida-Caribbea, Francophilic peacekeepers arrive to support the Dessaline House during the interregnum.
  • 2010 - a huge earthquake devastates the capital Port Au Prince. International rescue efforts flood into the area.

Since we know that Napoleon died in 1825 *there* while still in power, the return to monarchy in France would have occured later on. Napoleon II (only 13) would have ruled under regency by his mother the Empress Marie-Louise. I have assumed that the restoration occured somewhere between 1830-1848 with Louis-Philippe 1er (that king was not considered legitimate by some, giving an excuse why NF refused to rejoin France.) This would be followed as *here* by the second empire of Napoleon III and then the second republic which lasted to this day (we already know that there was no 4th republic due to a lack of Vichy so why not simplify the number a bit more ?)