Hamra Maxambet-ulı

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Hamra Maxambet-ulı
Hamra Ilxan
Title: Ilxan of Turkestan
 Term in office: 1980–1984
 Predecessor: Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı
 Successor: Raza İris Baı-ulı
 Date: 29- Mizäm, Qoyan Jılı 1987
(29th June, 1987)
 Place: Gorgan, Persia
Profession: Political Leader
Political Party: Government of National Unity
Relgious Affiliation: Manesianity (convert from Islam)


Hamra Maxambet-ulı was the third Ilxan of Turkestan, ruling from 1980 until he was ousted in a coup in 1984.

Unlike his predecessor, who was effectively the "last man standing" in the bloody interregnal struggles which were such a feature of Snorist Turkestan, Hamra Ilxan was chosen by the assembled Keņes to accede to the post. This kept the dispute from breaking out in actual bloodshed, but resulted in a weaker Ilxanate dominated by the higher-ranking Government of National Unity members.

Hamra himself was something of an ideologue, somewhat out of touch with the rank and file of the Snorist governing body's party apparatus, but his very ideological purity made him an attractive compromise candidate - no-one was willing to stand up in the Keņes and say that he was too ideologically pure.

It was Hamra Ilxan who really pushed the acceptance of InterTurkic as a new Turkestani lingua franca and main official language, seeing it as a visible picture of the essential unity of the Turkestani people. "If we are all one people, we should speak all one language" <sic>, he is reported to have stated.

His successor Raza İris Baı-ulı supplanted him in a coup, and Hamra was forced to flee to Persia, where he died three years later, apparently of a heart attack.

Preceded by:
Mızar Aman Beğ-ulı

Ilxan Flag.PNG
Ilxan of Turkestan

Succeeded by:
Raza İris Baı-ulı