Guillaume-Henri Avérain

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Guillaume-Henri Avérain
Order: 15th Premier Président
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire CLXXIV - 30 Fructidor CLXXX
Predecessor: Henri Samuel Truman
Successor: Eugene Pascal Edouard
Date of birth: 23 Thermidor CXIX (August 11, 1911)
Date of death: 15 Floréal CXCIII (May 5, 1985)
Place of birth: Waloonia, Osage, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Politician, CEO Real Oil Co.
Political Party: Republican Free Party (Parti Républicain Libre)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Guillaume-Henri Avérain was born 23 Thermidor CXIX (August 11, 1911) in Waloonia, Osage, Louisianne (just north-east of Abilène).

Prior to being elected to the Prefectoral Parliament, Avérain was a businessman and a stockman.

From CLIX until CLXIII he served in the People's House, but following a vacancy in the House of Lords, then Prefect Fridrich L. Haal extended a grant of trust to him, bringing Avérain a step higher in the government. He served as a member of the House of Lords from that time until elected Prefect to replace Fridrich L. Haal, serving from CLXIX (1960) to CLXXV (1966). When First President Truman announced that he would not seek re-election, Averain immediately threw his hat in the ring.

Campaigning against Jens Koracz of Nouvelle Navarre and many other minor candidates for the seat, Avérain fought an uphill struggle. It was later discovered that Koracz was using funding from Deseret rebel groups to increase his campaign.

Historians at this time doubt the veracity of these allegations. Some would even go so far as to suggest that it was Avérain who in fact was receiving bribes from the Deseretans. However, because Deseret is and was so unreliable for information, this is most likely to remain the realm of conspiracists.

Elected after a landslide victory, Avérain served one term as First President from 1 Vendémiaire CLXXIV - 30 Fructidor CLXXX. After his political days had finished, Avérain placed his business interests in the growing oil development in Louisianne and was, until his death, president of the Entreprise Réele du Pétrole. He died 15 Floréal CXCIII (5/5/1985)

Preceded by:
Henri Samuel Truman
Leadership of Louisianne
Succeeded by:
Eugene Pascal Edouard

Preceded by:
Fridrich L. Haal
Prefect of Osage
Succeeded by:
Franz P. Bretin.