Guillaume-Alexandre d'Orange

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Le Roi Guillaume-Alexandre d'Orange

Guillaume-Alexandre d'Orange (1967), officially: Guillaume IV, is the current king of the Batavian Kingdom. He is the eldest son of queen Béatrice (queen from 1980 till 2013) and her husband prince Claus, and the eldest grandson of queen Julienne (queen from 1948-1980). He ascended the throne on April 30, 2013.

In 2002, crown prince Guillaume-Alexandre married the beautiful Máxima from the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia. He was actually supposed to marry an Araucanian princess, but instead of falling in love with her, he fell in love with the daughter of one of A&P's ministers. Needless to say there was a lot of fuss about that.[1] Nevertheless, two years later the Scandinavian crown prince Frederik married Marry Donaldson from Van Diemen's Land. "A new fashion", a comment said. "It's not everyday that a commoner from the southern hemisphere marries into European royalty."[2]

The pair has three children:

  • Catharine-Amalie (2003)
  • Alexis-Julienne (2005)
  • Ariane-Guillemine (2007)

In any case, his marriage to Máxima gave his popularity a considerable boast. Nowadays his subjects lovingly call him "king Willy". However, some of his critics, who used to call him "Prince Pilsner" (referring to his years as a student), started referring to him as "King Crown Cork" after his coronation.