Flags of Filipinas

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The First flags of Filipinas were the red swallowtail flags of Luzon and the plain yellow flags of Maguindanao and Bornei. During the Castillian era, the flag of Castille and Leon was used.


The Catipunan flag was said to be the first modern flag of Filipinas, but it was merely the flag of the movement itself and not an official flag. Different Catipunan factions and leaders used different flags. The first official flag, a red flag with an eight-pointed sun with a face, was flown in 1897.

A new flag was flown in 1898, with a blue, red, and white flag. Originally, the suns were black like the stars, but it was changed to yellow. The flag's yellow and black flag were to commemorate the Luzong and Borneian kingdoms. When the union with Malucos was announced, the flag was abandoned.

A new flag was announced with the addition of yellow and black stripes was announced. This was to ensure Bornei and Malucan inclusion in Filipinas.