First Mecklenburg War

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The First War of Mecklenburg (1848 – 1849), known in Scandinavian Realm as the One Year War (Enårskrigen), was a military conflict in nothern Germany, contesting the issue of who should control the duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The war also involved troops from Prussia and Scandinavian Realm.

The Napoleonic era had awakened European nationalism, including German and Scandinavian. Prussian politicians, architects of German re-unification, saw Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz forming a single country within a new, united Germany. The influence of Scandinavian Realm was the obstacle, because both of these grand duchies were ruled by in-law relatives of the Scandinavian Royal House. The German nationalism led in March 1848 to an open uprising of German majority in support of reunification and of close association with the Prussia. Moreover, Scandinavian nationalists prefered both Mecklenburg grand duchies not to be part of Scandinavian Realm, as Oldenburg, Holstein and Lübeck were. Scandinavian Realm was just not interested in Prussia rising high in power and so close to its borders.

The military intervention of Prussia helped the rising: the Prussian army defeated Mecklenburg armies quickly in field. This war between Scandinavian Realm and Prussia was quite brief (1848 – 1849), it was more weapon rustling than real war. After the quick advance of Prussian army and encirclement of Schwerin fortress, Scandinavian armed forces appeared to be marching to help their relatives, to prevent direct Prussian occupation. Both sides evaded the major battle, instead, lots of small conflicts appeared. This conflict only ended when the Great Powers pressured Prussia into accepting the London Convention of 1850. Under the terms of this peace agreement, both Mecklenburg grand duchies remain part of HRE, but where not directly controlled by Prussia.

This settlement did not resolve the issue, and only fifteen years passed before the Second War of Mecklenburg.