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Ernšt foncu Hapšpurk, germ. Ernest von und zu Habsburg, *1929 - †1969

Son of Terésija, he entered throne in 1959, being 30 years old. His rule was in a shade of his mother and the war. Country was restored, but the bitter political atmosphere remained as a dark cloud above the society. Although the "anti-collaboration" laws where as just as possible, the dealing with mud in souls of common people, who choose to survive under occupation where very frustrating. without any special dead till 1969, when he died childless. Bohemian electors moved from traditional parties to Social Democrats and Germans to Christian Democrats, who were their only legal party. Economic prosperity has brought not the re-opening of the society, but rather reservedness, consumption manners, suspiciousness and social tension. His rule was also stigmatised by the SNOR military intervention into Hungary 1956, which many people thought it would be only prelude to next war.

Ernšt died childless in age of 40 due to the heart-failure and he was called then Ten Traurik Kénik (The Sad King).

Preceded by:
queen Terézija
Bohemia flag.gif
Bohemian king
Succeeded by:
queen Kristína