Er Yolbars

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Tiger Warrior
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Publication Information
Publisher Tiger Comics
First Appearance 2001
Creator(s) Arıstan Şoqan-ulı
In-story Information
Home City Almalıq, Turkestan
Birth Probably around 1982
Birthplace Almalıq, Turkestan
Death Place
Profession(s) Vigilante Crime-Fighter
Group Membership(s) None

Er Yolbars ("Tiger Warrior") is the flagship superhero title from Tiger Comics. It is quite a bloodthirsty, gritty book, but this is probably to be expected when the hero is part human and part Big Cat.


Bağlan Qoçaı-ulı grew up in the poorest district of Almalıq, Turkestan. As a young man trying to get enough money to make ends meet, he became aware of an offer by a group calling themselves the Almas Corporation of a substantial amount of money for "test subjects" for some kind of unidentified scientific experiment.

Bağlan was initially interested, but later became very suspicious when a friend who had volunteered suddenly vanished. This disappearance is only one of many, and he is swept up into a protest against Almas Corporation.

Almas used sleep gas on the protesters, almost all of whom came from dirt-poor backgrounds, and when Bağlan awoke, he found himself one of their "test subjects".

Unbeknownst to Bağlan, Almas were actually trying to create part-human, part-animal gladiators for a highly illegal closed-door spectator sport for the ultra-rich. Bağlan was injected with multiple drugs and sera derived mostly from genetically-altered tiger DNA, but was considered a "failure" who did not show sufficient animal qualities.

His very humanness, however, enabled him to escape, and he vowed to exact vengeance on the Almas Corporation, and to free the others trapped into becoming something else as well.

Tiger Warrior's "home turf" is the "dark underbelly" of Almalıq, where he prowls, mostly by night, a lone fighter in the cause of justice for the oppressed.


Tiger Warrior's new "natural" form is humanoid, with tigerlike characteristics. He has retractible claws on his fingers and toes, a non-prehensile tail that can act as a balance and aids his agility, and he has striped, furry skin. His agility is tigerlike and he is developing a strange ability to "blend into the shadows", becoming almost invisible.

In addition, he is far tougher than either human or tiger, and has developed the power to alter his shape into that of a man, a tiger, or anything in between.

Supporting Characters



  • The Almas Corporation continues to exist, somewhat reduced after the eventual climax of the initial saga, but still unscrupulous and desperate to "remove" the potential witness that is the Tiger Warrior.
  • Mamunt is presumed to be some kind of former experimentee of Almas, but one who revels in his destructive power. He is a kind of "human mastodon"; big, immensely strong, virtually invulnerable and extremely bad-tempered. His trunk functions as an extra limb, and he uses a teleportation device to get around.
  • The Darkness is a living shadow or darkness taking humanoid form. It is unclear precisely what or how he/it operates. All we know that he is deadly, and very difficult to stop or imprison.