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Friend of Kemper the Rover and avid collector of not only the Rover's tunes but tunes from all over Britain. Many famous XVIIJ and XIX century collections have drawn tunes from the Notebook. Of the scores of tunes to be found in the Notebook, the following are the ones published in a shorter collection at Esca in 1998, and also named "Dr. Widgerey's Notebook: or a Compillation of TUNES Suitable for Diuers Instruments of Musick".

Il Carnets le Doctoere Quicgerey
1. ill Locgoers la Ms. Quicgerey (Missus Widgerys Lodger); morris; Kemper
2. ill Ries la Sabrenne (Banks of þe Severn); air; Kemper
3. yn Gigges le Middenarre (an Halfpenny Jigg); jigg; poss. Kemper
4. la Couednio la Sal Ffereir (Sal Smith her Lament); lament / air; Kemper
5. yn Gigges le Middenarre (an Halfpenny Jigg); jigg; poss. Kemper
6. ill Gigges le Jowcko Munchin (Jocko Minchin his Jigg); jigg; anon.
7. Fant y Vuckes (Mucken þe Stye); reel; anon.
8. la Tatecka Curiós la Rheydeoresse (þe Gouerness her Peculiar Twitch); jigg; Kemper
9. ill Cores le Sang Ystanne (St. Stannow his Quire); reel; Kemper
10. lla Pléseir la Ms Quicgerey (Missus Widgery her Delight); jigg; Kemper
11. l' Omm Servant la Missus Quicgerei (Missus Widgery her Serving Man); jigg; Kemper
12. Héxe y hOyreores (þe Shepherde Heigh); morris;
13. yn Gigges le Middenarre (an Hapenny Jigg); jigg; Kemper
14. yn Gigges (a Jigg); jigg; Irish
15. Ce Tuns la Senbuès sa Muris poar Phorte (þat's þe Tune þe Old Cu Died on at þe Gate); long jigg;
16. do Erecke l' Ystoerns (Eric his Sneezing); jigg; Bryn
17. l' Ychoer le Jowcko (Jocko his Wife); chant;
18. Henny Frécke y Lluchonnes (Stanes on the Moor); jigg;
19. il Gygges la Catte 1 (þe Cat her Jygg); halfpenny jigg;
20. il Gygges la Catte 2 (þe Cat her Jygg); halfpenny jigg;
21. Llo Thafern di Castreleon (þe Tauernes of Leochester); morris;
22. Syxe Chickes and a Hene; jigg; English
23. Pont ill Tafar (Brycg ouer þe Tamayre); vox step; Kemrese
24. Yen Nochte 'n Annufen (A Night in Annun); plangxtico; Kemper
25. Annas Phadruig (Paddy's Naught); reel; Irish
26. Yn Tuns (A Tune); reel; Kemrese
27. The Seven Joys o Maire; tune; Scottish
27 1/2. A Penny Jigg; jigg; anon.
28. The Rune Song; song; American
29. Gin A Were a Barons Heir; air; Scottish
30. --
31. i Champ Rouez / y Ciampes Rudd (þe Red Fields of France); jigge; GWI
32. Jowan dil Duncalath (John of the Stoneburg); lament; Kemper
33. The Barnyards; song; Scottish
34. Spencer þe Rover; song; English
35. yen Llifoer l' Or et-z-en Altoer (Two Gowden Guineas); reel; Kemr
36. For He Was a Bonny Lad; strathspey; Scottish
37. Loudons Bonnie Woods an Braes; strathspey; Scottish
38. Margy Durmiement (Sleepy Maggie); Kemr
39. Mañana (Tomorrow Day); song; Kemr
40. Calan Ianar (New Year Eve); Kemr
41. Dans ill Hwyl (Howell his Dance); Kemr
42. The Fairy Banquet of Reged; Kemr
43. The Whirling of the Spinningwheel; Kemr
44. Droppings of the Mash Tub; Kemr
45. In Good Humour and Rather Tipsy; Kemr
46. Margy's Daughter; Kemr
47. My Lord is Grave and I am Gay; Kemr
48. The Little Kerchief; Kemr
49. The Ruins of Tintern; Kemr
50. Jones Concerto; Kemr
51. An Halfpenny Jigg 52. An Halfpenny Jigg 53. Si Beag Si Mor; harp tune; Irish
54. Sliab na mBan; air; Irish
55. Is it the Priest Tha Wants?; jigg; Irish
56. MacIwein his Morning Brush; jigg; Cambro-Irish
57. Staffords Receipt of Whiskey; harp tune; Irish
58. Lay of Magan Lav; song; Dumnonian
59. The Breastknot; morris; England
60. Click Goes the Shears My Lads; song; Australasian
61. Heel and Toe Quhelby; quhelby; Australasian
62. The Year of Jubilo; march; American
63. Nimble Fingers; reel; American
64. The Queen of Hearts; jigg; American
65. The Sixpenny Bit; jigg; American
66. Ma Franzez; song; Brehun
67. A Hornpipe; hornpipe; English
68. Us Aa Muss Wait Til Milady Comes Home; jigg; English
69. Wil Kemp his Jigg; jigg; English
70. Jocky Dardle Went to Town; march; American
71. Bonaparte his Grand Retreat; march; South African
72. Wassail; pipe tune; England
73. Ye Christian Men Rejoice!; song; England
74. Go Tell it on the Mountain; spiritual; American
75. Deck þe Halls; song; Kemrese
76. We Wish You a Merry Christmas; song; Kemrese