Diplomatic Relations in the Gallosphere

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France and Louisianna

Following the French Revolution, Louisianna was divided into departments with a political structure similar to the one in the Metropole. Louisianna broke off relations after the Declaration of the Empire under Napoleon which was perceived by their government as a betrayal of republican ideals.

In the following decades Louisianna became recognised as a sovereign country by various European countries and traded as a neutral party. It resumed diplomatic ties after France reinstated the Republic. After an era rapprochement both now have ambassadors in the other`s country and there is a strong cultural exchange. Louisianna has passed legislation allowing up to 30% of broadcasts to be of French extraction.

France and New Francy

New Francy fought a war against the Republican regime following the execution of the king in 1792. Both countries maintain a state of war which thawed briefly during the restoration of the monarchy. Due to various factors, no lasting agreement was agreed on and diplomatic ties were once more broken with the declaration of the New Republic.

Neither governments officialy recognise the existence of the other to this day although there exists a de facto ceasefire between the two. For this reason, when referring to one another in offical documentats, both use formulas such as "the so-called government of...".

In the early 1960s, unofficial representation was established with the creation of a post of a Neofrancian Delegate-General to France and of a French Trade Commissioner to New Francy.

Louisianna and New Francy

A state of war existed between the two breakaway countries from the late 18th century to the mid 19th century although armed physical confrontation was rare, and ended after the Highlands of New France rejected affiliation with both Louisianna and New Francy and passed into the possession of the North American League following the 1828 war.

An historic treaty officially ended the hostility and formalised their relationship by recognising the other`s right to government of their respective territory in 1953. Both countries have exchanged consuls ever since.


Following the plebiscite that reinstated the empire, Saint-Domingo has exchanged ambassadors with France, New Francy and Louisianna. It is currently the only Gallosphere country to enjoy full diplomatic relation with all other member countries.