Dalmatian Shipping

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Dalmatia has an ancient maritime tradition. From the fishing fleets of the earliest days of the Dalmatian kingdom to the establishment of Dalmatia's first true war fleet in the 14th century, Dalmatia established itself firmly as a Mediterranean seafaring power. With the creation of the Austro-Dalmatian Monarchy, both the naval and merchant fleets were expanded greatly, and by the 17th century African colonies were established.

In modern Dalmatia, shipping is as important as ever, and great strides have been made in maritime technology, notably the so-called Tesla Motor Vessel. A Tesla-Motor Vessel is one which generates power via the Tesla-type powerplant that collects static electricity from the atmosphere and converts it into usable electricity. These powerplants have been in use since the early 60s, but only in the 1980s were they applied to ships (and locomotives) (they have to be much smaller for use aboard ship than the land-based installations), and work is underway to make even smaller ones for use with aeroplanes, helicopters and airships.