Dalmatian Navy

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Dalmatian Navy - Flota Militara Dalmateska


      Active: 22 000 (4 000 conscripts)
      Reserve: 20 000
      Total: 42 000

      Admiral of the Navy: Fleet Admiral Yosef Szakicz

      Bases: Raguza (Navy Supreme HQ), Spalatu, Yaxiar, Ceautu (Mediterranean Fleet HQ), Roa, Ulczen, Dakar (Mali; Atlantic Fleet HQ), Lüderitz (Kongo), Striala Nordeska (New Dalmatia, Northern Fleet HQ)
      Order of Battle
      SUBMARINES: 20
            Attack Submarines: 14

                  5 Type-1M: S-10, S-11, S-12, S-13, S-14
                  9 Type-3S: S-15, S-16, S-17, S-18, S-19, S-20, S-21, S-22, S-23

            Rescue Submarines: 3

                  3 Type-2: S-901, S-902, S-903. (These are used for undersea rescue of crews of damaged submarines)

            Training Submarines: 3

                  3 Type-1: S-1, S-7, S-8. (These three are the only remaining units from a class of nine. S-1 and S-8 no longer sail, but are based at Roa for use as alongside training vessels; S-7 is used for at-sea training.)
            Aircraft Carriers: 1

                  1 Aurial Vlaiku-class: Aurial Vlaiku (PA-10) (air complement: 1 squadron of 12 Falkoana (3-view) maritime strike fighters and 3 squadrons each 6 (total 18)Spuadun (3-view) anti-submarine helicopters. The Falkoana squadron have begun conversion to the Spretu-N, the maritime strike development of the Spretu jet fighter).
            Anti-Submarine Cruisers (Helicopter Carriers): 1

                  1 Nikola Tesla-class: Nikola Tesla (AK-109) (air complement: 2 squadrons each 6 (total 12) Spuadun anti-submarine helicopters).
      CRUISERS: 5

            2 Admiral Severesku-class: Admiral Severesku (K-843), Admiral Timesku (K-657)

            2 Adria-class: Adria (K-070), Neptun (K-126). (air complement: 1 Spuadun anti-submarine helicopter)

            1 Dalmatia-class: Dalmatia (K-5)

            1 Mamnefeczentu-class: Mamnefeczentu (D-810) (air complement: can carry one Erundu-N or Spuadun anti-submarine helicopter, but has no hangar).

            4 Nesupiarabilu-class: Nesupiarabilu (D-702), Airesku (D-660), Kelesku (D-433), Liaroator (D-705) (air complement: can carry one Erundu-N anti-submarine helicopter, but have no hangar).
      FRIGATES: 11

            3 Agram-class: Agram (F-754), Czieta da Saray (F-060), Kampa da Miarle (F-726)

            4 Kozara-class: Kozara (F-35), Dardania (F-710), Bosna (F-883), Hercegovina (F-888)

            4 Raguza-class: Raguza (F-864), Yaxiar (F-141), Ceautu (F-693), Spalatu (F-142)
      CORVETTES: 6

            6 Aszairia-class: Aszairia (FL-130), Anduania (FL-092), Laxiasta (FL-397), Skarduana (FL-178), Naruana (FL-071), Zenica (FL-117)

            8 Type-300 hovercraft
      MINE VESSELS: 18
            Minelayers: 8

                  Inshore: 6
                  Offshore: 2
            Minesweepers: 10

                  Inshore: 8
                  Offshore: 2
            Ammunition Ships: 3
            Hospital Ships
            Icebreakers: 3
            Oilers: 3
            Sail Training Ships: 1

                  1 Imperium Dalmaticum-class: Imperium Dalmaticum (E-1)
            Training Ships: 2
            Tugs: 121

                  Harbour: 18
                  Offshore: 3
      FLYING BOATS: 12

            1st Anti-Submarine Flying Boat Flotilla: 6 Pelikan-NKS (based at Hara Granda)

            72nd Maritime Reconnaisance Flying Boat Flotilla: 6 Pelikan-N (based at Troagur)

            1st Coastal Artillery Regiment (Raguza/Plocza/Graful Nou; with 15 Luna anti-ship missile launchers)

            2nd Coastal Artillery Regiment (Sutomaru/Santu Stefanu/Ulczen; with 15 Luna launchers)

            3rd Coastal Artillery Regiment (Faru/Santu Xhorxhe/Eja; with 15 Luna launchers

            4th Coastal Artillery Regiment (Szela/Kerzu/Omeszia; with 15 Luna launchers