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The Dalmatian Army (Usztra Dalmateska) is the land-based element of the Dalmatian Armed Forces. It was formed out of the Territorial Defence units on the territory of the former Dalmatian Soviet Republic following Dalmatia's declaration of independence from the Confederation of Soviet Danubian States. Since the end of that war, known in Dalmatia as the Homeland War, it has been deployed only once in battle, during the Dalmato-Sanjak War.


General of the Army: Marshal Agim Czeku


Active: 139 000 (68 000 conscripts)
Reserve: 300 000
Total: 439 000

Order of Battle

1st Military District (HQ Raguza)
Commander: General Danut Fodor

50 000 men (140 000 reserve), 997 tanks, 633 armoured combat vehicles, 1392 artillery pieces (towed and self-propelled), 92 multiple rocket launchers

4th Corps (HQ Triabenia)
12th Infantry Division
28th Infantry Division
54th Infantry Division
120th Infantry Division
130th Motor Rifle Division
53rd Mountain Regiment
114th Artillery Brigade
127th Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
99th Air Defence Artillery Brigade

9th Corps (HQ Gorajda)
3rd Infantry Division
51st Infantry Division
62nd Infantry Division
67th Infantry Division
202nd Motor Rifle Division
377th Mountain Regiment
109th Artillery Brigade
76th Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
901st Air Defence Artillery Brigade

83rd Shock Division

77th Tank Division

1st Guards Motor Rifle Division

3rd Military District (HQ Kampa da Miarle)
Commander: General Nebojsza Pavkovicz

44 000 men (83 000 reserve), 789 tanks, 472 armoured combat vehicles, 1191 artillery pieces (towed and self-propelled), 68 multiple rocket launchers, 16 Mars tactical ballistic missile launchers

2nd Corps (HQ Nua Jugoviczei)
2nd Guards Infantry Division
7th Infantry Division
59th Infantry Division
222nd Mountain Infantry Division
727th Motor Rifle Division
91st Guards Special Operations Regiment
808th Mountain Regiment
363rd Artillery Brigade
119th Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
959th Air Defence Artillery Brigade

52nd Corps (HQ Yonczieta)
33rd Infantry Division
48th Infantry Division
69th Mountain Infantry Division
101st Infantry Division
603rd Motor Rifle Division
108th Guards Artillery Brigade
420th Guards Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
90th Air Defence Artillery Brigade

18th Shock Division

9th Guards Tank Division

777th Rocket Brigade


5th Military District (HQ Agram)
Commander: General Nermin Isesku

45 000 men (72 000 reserve), 811 tanks, 567 armoured combat vehicles, 1069 artillery pieces (towed and self-propelled), 84 multiple rocket launchers, 16 Mars tactical ballistic missile launchers

8th Corps (HQ Nenia)
13th Infantry Division
21st Infantry Division
44th Guards Infantry Division
52nd Infantry Division
6th Motor Rifle Division
23rd Special Operations Regiment
30th Artillery Brigade
217th Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
309th Air Defence Artillery Brigade

31st Corps (HQ Karolczieta)
1st Guards Infantry Division
60th Infantry Division
72nd Infantry Division
83rd Infantry Division
61st Motor Rifle Division
27th Artillery Brigade
3rd Guards Cavalry (Anti-Tank) Brigade
599th Air Defence Artillery Brigade

55th Guards Shock Division

6th Shock Division

500th Rocket Brigade