Curoda Quiyotaca

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Count Curoda Quiyotaca
Prime Minister of Japan: 2nd
Political Party:
Date of birth: Tempò 11, Cugaçu 12
October 16, 1840
Place of birth: Saçuma-han (Cagoxima Province)
Date of death: Meidji 33, Hatxigaçu 20
August 25, 1900
Place of death:
Profession: Politician, general

Count Curoda Quiyotaca was a Meidji-era politician and 2nd Prime Minister of Japan from Meidji 21, Sañgaçu 26 (April 30, 1888) to Meidji 22, Cugaçu 20 (October 25, 1889).

Originally a low-ranking samurai from Saçuma-han (the western half of modern-day Kagoxima-quen), he was an active member of the Saçuma-Txòxù anti-Xogunal revolt. He was a leader in the Boxin War, and became famous after the war for sparing the life of Enomoto Taqueaqui after defeating him at Hacodate.

Between 1870 and 1882, Curoda was in charge of settlement in Hoccaidò (moder-day Ezo), travelling to and from Tòquiò (Edo) to report to the government. He became head of the Saçuma clan following the assassination of Òcuba Toximitxi. Shortly before leaving office in Hoccaidò, he was accused of selling government property.

He became Prime Minister in 1888, and oversaw the promulgation of the Meidji Constitution. However, he was forced to resign after making several major blunders in treaty negotiations. He went on to become a guenrò, Communications Minister, and chairman of the Privy Council.

Preceded by:
Itò Hirobumi
Prime Minister of Japan
Succeeded by:
Yamagata Alitomo