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Romanization of Corean in Ill Bethisad

The main romanization system for Corean in IB is known as the Johnson Romanization after its founder. Several older systems existed, and these romanizations are sometimes preserved in the names of Corporations or Corean immigrants.

Aspiration shown by a suffixed h (e.g., th instead of *here*'s t')
L/R written as l or r, but never as n or null
Ng is written as Ñ
Apostrophes are used to disambiguate
Apostrophe used to indicate glottalized stops (doubled in most romanizations *here*) Everything else is the same as *here*'s McCune-Reischauer

McCune-Reischauer to Johnson
E -> Ei
Ae -> Ai
Wi -> Ui
Oe -> Oi
ŭ -> Y (u-breve)
ŏ -> E (o-breve)
Y and W are writen as i and u
All others the same

Summary (first column is Johnson, second is *here*'s McCune-Reischauer, third is *here*'s South Korean Revised Romanization)

Hangul Johnson McCune Reischauer *here* SKRR (here)
i i i
ei e e
ai ae ae
ui wi wi
oi oe oe
y ŭ eu
e ŏ eo
a a a
u u u
o o o
ia ya ya
iai yae yae
ie yeo
iei ye ye
io yo yo
iu yu yu
ua wa wa
uai wae wae
ue weo
uei we we
yi ŭi eui
Hangul Johnson McCune Reischauer *here* SKRR (here)
k/g k/g g
n n n
t/d t/d d
l/r l/r/Ø/n l/r/Ø/n
m m m
p/b p/b b
s s (sh)/s
ñ/Ø ng/Ø ng/Ø
ch/j ch/j j
chh ch' ch
kh k' k
th t' t
ph p' p
h h h
k' kk kk
t' tt tt
p' pp pp
s' ss ss
ch' cch cch