Claire Miquasquille

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Alouicious Dobbs
Order: 25th Prefect of Osage
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire, CCXVIII (23 September, 2009) - Present
Predecessor: Alouicious Dobbs
Successor: None
Date of birth: 4 Thermidor CLXI (23 July 1953)
Date of death: None
Place of birth: Rolla, Côte d'Or, Saint-Louis, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Loi Naturelle (Natural Law)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic
MP and former sous-prefect Claire Miquasquille, picture dated an CCXV (2006)

Claire Miquasquille (born 4 Thermidor CLXI (23 July 1953)) is Louisiannan politician affiliated with the Loi Naturelle party, currently serving in the House of Lords of Terre Platte after she was appointed by Prefect Alouicious Dobbs in an CCXII (2003). She has been viewed by many pundits as the likely choice for Prefect when M. Dobbs retires in 2009.

Early Life

Service as Sous-Prefect

Prefectoral Election of an CCXVIII (2009)

Initial polling of the Etats Populaire of Osage took place on 29 Ventôse CCXVII (20 March 2009), but the results were not revealed until 3 Germinal CCXVII (24 March 2009) after the House of Lords reviewed the ballots. A second primary was declared because Messieurs Narbonòsc and Boucher tied, each garnering 23% of the votes of MPs. A special ruling from the Tribunal de la République was made, declaring that they each must run in a separate primary. Mme. Miquasquille was not required to run in the new primary, having garnered 52% of the vote (2% of MP's abstaining).

Following this second primary, which M. Narbonòsc won by a 15% margin, a final vote will be held in Fructidor, (late August) to decide who will serve as Prefect, MP's voting between Mme Miquasquille and M. Narbonòsc.

Prefectoral Administration

Preceded by:
Alouicious Dobbs
Prefect of Osage
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Jules Thibault
Sous-Prefect of Terre Platte
Succeeded by:
Joseph Julliard
Preceded by:
Franc Vélozian
Member of Parliament for Terre Platte
Succeeded by: