Balkan Defense Agreement

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The Balkan Defense Agreement is composed of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Dalmatia, Hungary, Moldova, Muntenia and Oltenia.


Skopye, Bulgaria (APD) - The heads of state of eight Balkan nations have signed the final documents relating to the formal establishment of a Pan-Balkan mutual defence organisation, known as the Balkan Defence Agreement. On hand to sign the documents was Dalmatian Prime Minister, Aurial Ybl, along with Bulgarian President Yordan Hristov, Hungarian President Istvan Eszterhazy and Albanian Prime Minister Igli Tare. The three member states of the Romanian Federation each signed the treaty separately, as their Basic Law of Confederation requires for international agreements in the name of the Confederation. Signing were Muntenian Chancellor Gheorghe Raducioiu, Oltenian Chancellor Tibor Ionescu and Moldovan Regent Field Marshal Serghei Jucov.

As part of the agreement, a so-called International Regiment will be established as a rapid-reaction force intended to go wherever may be required, at very short notice. The foundations for the International Regiment are already solidly in place, since the establishment of the Tripartite Battalion comprised of Dalmatian, Muntenian and Hungarian troops as part of the precursor to the BDA ratified by those three states in May 2001. The Tripartite Battalion saw combat in the recently concluded Dalmato-Sanjaki war.