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Competition Axe-Throwing is a unique Central Asian variant on the Western throwing sports of Discus and (particularly) Hammer-Throwing.

Its aim is, similarly to the hammer throw, to throw the competition Axe the furthest distance. Unlike the hammer throw, extra points are awarded for better accuracy. This is achieved by the simple expedient of having a graduated strike zone with not only distances marked, but also radial lines delineating the various points zones, coming out from the central "plus 10%" zone out to a "minus 30%" zone next to the disqualification line at the edge of the target area.

The competition axe is similar to a discus with a pole sticking out of the rim. It is much heavier than a discus, though, weighing in at 12 qadaq (just over 12lb 13oz or almost 5kg). This makes it a little lighter than the hammer, which weighs almost 7kg.

Technique is also somewhat different to a hammer throw, as the straight stick handle and flattened axehead have greater aerodynamic efficiency but less flexibility than the western hammer. When these features combine with the extra points for accuracy, the typical spinning delivery of the hammer throw can become less than optimal.