Australia (Novel)

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The time is 1945, the place is Central Europe, the event is the Second Great War, which pits the faltering forces of the Empire of the Rum against the conquering armies of the Ummah. The unlikely hero is an Australian slave who takes part in the great battles of the war at Vienna and Berlin and Paris...

"Australia" in this alternate history is the same great land mass in the Indian Ocean as it is *here*. Small parts of it are controlled by English settlers who have secured a small country in the southeast, which they also call "Australia". In these territories English Europeans makes up majority of people. The Ummah is on the march, however, and European Australians often find themselves in conflict with the other countries that share the continent. In the north, where aboriginal inhabitants adopted Islam in the medieval period when there were powerful Islamic empires in the islands to the north, there are several independent sheikhdoms and much of the land was recently (re)conquered by Majapahit. In the west, several aboriginal states exist. The interior is almost totally uninhabited and is said to be the abode of jinns; exact boundaries between states in the interior are in many cases disputed.