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Atlanta Wells was born in 1957 in Ontario. A very pretty girl, she showed considerable talent with music and dance as well as languages. But it was her looks that got her recognized and hired as a model.

By the time she was fifteen, she was hired as the sidekick "Kit Vixen" on the t.v. series Vixen. This more than anything else brought her to the attention of casting agents. Between the show's cancellation and her 21st birthday she appeared in four made-for-t.v. movies.

Atlanta Wells in 1979

In 1978 her career took a sharp new turn when she agreed to star in a Louisianne-produced film titled Antoinette. The story dealt with a journalism student who discovers she was adopted when her birth mother dies and leaves her a not-exactly-small estate. As she travels and goes through her mother's things, Antoinette discovers that most of the people she's meeting were visitors to her mother's bed. Intrigued, she allows herself to be seduced by more than one of them before uncovering the truth that one of them is in fact her mother's murderer.

Antoinette was a huge hit, not least because of its relatively explicit sex scenes and the beautifully photographed nudity of its star. When the producers balked at the money Ms. Wells wanted, they cast an unknown in the sequel Soeur d'Antoinette which did very little business. The third film, Bonsoir Antoinette saw Ms. Wells return to the role and recieve a small percentage of the gross profits.

It was in 1980 she met and 1982 she began a professional collaboration with Jean Marnot, a dashing film director whose work was infused with sensuality and was noted for pushing the limits. The two of them made four films together in the next five years, all of them considered classics of erotica without actually crossing the line into porn. They were so close some people began to wonder if Marnot's famous--and flagrant--homosexuality hadn't found its match. She, however, maintained they were forever deep friends.

But in 1988 Jean Marnot was murdered in what police ruled a mugging gone wrong. Atlanta Wells went into a deep depression, eventually returning to acting in over twenty films in America and Europe, mostly genre films of one kind or another. In 2002 she published a memoir about Marnot titled Joie Et Gloire.

Since 2003 she has had a recurring role on the NAL t.v. series Abyss.

Some of her movie posters...