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  • Aoun Brewery is a small brewery (ζυθοπιί, zuthopií) located in Aktí. It is owned and operated by the Aoun family, descendants of a Lebanese refugee family from Faradiss, who came to the Monastic Republic in 1885. The head of the Aoun family, Ahmad Aoun, has been the general manager of the firm since 1998.
    • In 1975, the Aoun family decided to fill a lack in the MR as all beer (μπυρ, bur) had to be imported. After some extensive research they decided that a light brown wheat beer (barley would have to be imported) would best satisfy the MR market, both for the citizens and for the tourists.
    • The beer is a cross between the Belgian Witbier which, while containing barley also, is flavored with orange peel; and the German Weißbier which is made from 100% wheat.
    • As it is unfiltered, it still contains the yeast which gives it a milky appearance, hence the German name Weißbier, white beer. They have named the beer Faradhís (φαραδίς).
    • It is top-fermented with low hop bitterness and is 3-3.5% alcohol. It has high carbonation and a malty sweetness.
    • Three varieties are made using the peel of each of the three citrus fruits that are grown on Amoulián Island: φαραδίς λεμονιού, φαραδίς πορτοκαλιού, and φαραδίς κιτρού.
    • The water used in the brewing process comes from streams that run down on to the Lowland from the Holy Mountain.
    • The brewery leases one of the larger fields on Cape Arapis where they grow their own wheat, thus not using land devoted to the growing of wheat for bread.
    • The brewery has planted its own hop yard. Originally, the Tettnang hop was grown, which over the years has acquired its own characteristics from the Athonite soil, giving the ale an aroma reminiscent of cinnamon and vanilla.
    • In 1991, the brewery moved from its location in the town of Aktí to a site on the other side of the Xerxes Canal, so that the canal need not be crossed to get from wheat field to brewery.
    • The brewery also runs a taverna on the site overlooking the Xerxes Canal.