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Antanas Audronis had a rank of sakalas in the Lithuanian air force at the time of the Thunderstorm War. After the Lithuania-proper was occupied by Russia in 1939 he fled to the Lithuania's lands in Africa (Naujojo Vilniaus apskritis) via Courland. He played a vital role in quelling the local Slavs and Maasais who supported the invading Russians there. After Naujojo Vilniaus apskritis became independent as Pakštuva, Antanas Audronis continued to live there. He became the Supreme General of Pakštuva briefly after the death of Povilas Plechavičius until the country of Pakštuva was overtaken by the Chinese. He was executed in August 30th of 1942.

Preceded by:
Povilas Plechavičius
Supreme General of Pakštuva
August 25th, 1942 - August 29th, 1942
Succeeded by:
office abolished
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