Alae Joevae

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Alae Joevae
Alae Joevae Logo
Type Private Company
Slogan Slogan
Slogan Translation
Founded Foundation Year
Location Reondradun, Jervaine
Key people Lead Official, Titles (CEO, Director, etc.)
Industry Airline
Products Air Transport of Passengers & Freight
Revenue Green up.png or Red down.png REVENUE (YEAR)

Although the High Kingdom of Jervaine only has one international aerodrome, the one near the capital Reondradun, it runs its own airline that carries no small measure of national pride. The Alae Joevae ("Jovian Wings") airships enjoy a reputation for high comfort and retro-style class.

A pecularity among airlines, the Alae Joevae have also been offering aeroplane travel to a few select European metropoles, aimed chiefly at businessmen willing to accept cramped seat rows, packaged food, incessant noise and scarce hygiene facilities in exchange for time. Recently, the airline has been phasing out more and more old machines in favor of Scandinavian-built flying fuselages, which allow for a lot more room and comfort than an aeroplane without sacrificing much speed.