Agent Doomov (Fictional Character)

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Agent Doomov was an english comics published in the anthology series "Beyond 2000".

The series told the adventure of Agent Doomov, a bionicaly augmented oprishniki in the continent-spanning futuristic city of "Slavgrad". The darkly humourous stories saw Agent Doomov go after citizens guilty of such "unslavic" behaviours as eating imported food instead of dutyfully starving (food shortage was a running gag) or using as toilet paper parts of a newspaper containing the image of the Supreme Leader.

The Agent was originaly a nameless soldier who died during a war with rival city Europolis. He was brought back to life as a cyborg wholy devoted to his country but with a psychotic phobia of cockroaches (his body having been rescued only after the critters had eaten part of it).

The comic strips began in the late seventies and continued on until the mid 1990s when the fall of the Snorist empire lead to a decline in interest in the character. He still pop up occasionaly as a guest star in various english comics.