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Afroes is the name by which the dark-skinned people are called in the American continent, mostly NAL. It derrives from word Africa - the name of continent where they have originated. They are sometimes called "blacks", but this is considered to be offensive term, because the Afroes feels that it is associated with negative things (black is usually used as the colour of evil, dirty menial tasks are called "black jobs", etc.) and they also argue that their skin colour is not really black, but of different shades, similar to that of the Americans of European origin (referred to as Brits as many of them came from British islands, but name Euros is generally regarded as being more correct). The word "niggers" is also sometimes used. It derives from the Spanish word "Negro", meaning black, which was used to call the Afroes by Spanish in the period they still controlled large parts of America, but it never made it into English usage and is virtually unused now. Although word "nigger" is not considered to be racist, some Afroes prefer not to use it due to its origin (a word meaning "black").

Some mistakenly use the word Difer as synonymous with Afroe but this is not technically correct. Difer refers to those sentenced to indentured servitude for life in the American colonies, or their descendants. To be sure, many Difers are Afroe and vice versa (the two groups intermarried frequently); nonetheless, they make up separate groups, at least in theory. The distinction is one of which importance and even knowledge has been steadily shrinking for more than a century.

Afroes make up a smaller percent of population of NAL than blacks do of USA *here* as slavery was never as rampant in Ill Bethisad as it was *here*. Therefore, racial tensions are smaller as well, although there exist a few radical groups both of Euros and Afroes.

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