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Regarding this:

John Cowan suggested (March 21, 2004), in regards to the bombing of Łódź:
My idea is that since the Luftwaffe had by this stage been reduced to impotence, the A-bomb of Lodz was not dropped but rather smuggled in by a group of sacrificial fanatics, core Hessler loyalists.

But when Hessler announced this "heroic masterstroke in the War of Destiny" (his usual name for GW2), the public reaction was not at all what he expected. Instead, Germans were horrified by the destructive power of the bomb, as well as the fanaticism required to use it, and the decisive shift in public opinion that resulted brought the Hessler government to its fall and the war to its eventual end.

Padraic replied:
Cool. Germany could then lead way for atomic nonproliferation in the postwar world. Even if it is all scrambled up at the moment.

Jan I in turn replied:
Excellent! So it shall be. And I would also like to adopt Marc's suggestion: "it was an act of deperassion so Hessler probably dropped the prototype. Unfortunatly for him, in the few days following it, a raid on their hard water factory (by SK resistant in occupied territory) prevented the manufacture of any more bombs." I very much like the prototype idea. But instead of a raid of the resistence, I'd rather believe that it simply was a Russian bomb that destroyed the German A-bomb factory.
And in response to Hessler's fall:
Interesting. That would mean that Germany's capitulation was preceded by a shift of power. No Berlin bunker thing *there*. I hadn't thought of that, but it certainly make sense.