Bureau Météorologique National

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The Bureau Météorologique National of Louisianne was founded in the latter end of the 1800's with the intent to begin to understand and predict the frequent tornadoes that plague the country. This was done with Aerostatic blimps until recent times. Most recently BMN has branched into weather satellites, minaturizing the tools they've used in the aerostats for years to accommodate the space available on a satellite. The first was launched early last year and subsequent attempts are projected for summer and fall of this year.

These attempts have proven successful, with the satellites tracking a new furicano from the Eastern Pacific that could cross Central America and continue on in the Western Caribbean. The satellites at this point are merely a supplemental fail-safe for the Aerostats.


In early 2009 a new Satellite, the Earth Viewer was launched to further help BMN study the atmosphere. The Earth Viewer is in an odd orbit, allowing it to survey Japan, the Pacific and Louisianne in an arc that takes it around the Earth.