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Türkistan Yamı
Type State Company
Founded 1924
Location Headquarters in Buxara, Turkestan
Key people KEY PEOPLE
Employees ~37,000
Industry Postal Service
Products Postal & Courier services
Revenue Red down.png 2.7 million Som.

Türkistan Yamı ("Turkestan Mail"), usually known in Turkestan simply as "The Yam", is the postal service of Turkestan. The name "Yam", which has since become the generic Turkestani term for post office and mail courier companies, originally derived from the Turkic word for the ancient Mongol-Turkic horse courier message system instituted by Genghis Khan.

The Türkistan Yamı company was founded in 1924, not long after Turkestan's independence was formally recognised in 1922. It grew out of the Qazaq and Turcoman dispatch rider system used in the Basmaçı Revolt, and was one of only a handful of companies to survive the transition from the Qurultaı government to the Snorist Government of National Unity basically unscathed.

This last fact may be due to the company's recognised professionalism and strict political neutrality, though later EBÜK rulers began to erode these standards by politically-motivated executive appointments and operating rules, particularly the company's willingness to cooperate with EBÜK censorship and domestic espionage efforts.

Due to the company's participation in such noisome proceedings, the company has become somewhat distrusted in post-Snorist Turkestan. As such, the company's revenue has been falling off, and though it has made several attempts to reinvent itself as the original Qurultaı-era professional mail courier company it began life as, the company remains in trouble.

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