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The World-Wide Watch is the premier superhero team in the Black Sheep Comics universe. Unusually, it has no book of its own but exists purely as part of the background. Various members interact at times with characters from other titles.

The WWW certainly existed in the 1980s when it helped defeat a secret society bent on world conquest known as the Shadow Imperium.

It is a major supporter of Academy Prime.

Its current membership certainly includes:

  • Madame Midnight, a brilliant detective and martial artist who is armed with a formidable array of gadgets. She is a recurring character in the Fastlane book. She is one of the relatively recent additions to the team, having joined within the last decade or so.
  • Le Commandant (a fairly clear pastiche of Khoroshij Polkovnik) is a uniformed embodiment of the Gallic peoples, having been imbued with the powers of Roland after finding the legendary hero's gauntlet.
  • Ill Proffessur is a rather elusive character who has a vastly powerful technology available to him in his "teaching wands". He maintains a presence at varying universities under different guises, and while we don't learn much about him, we do know he is an alien. He is a visiting lecturer at Academy Prime and so is a semi-recurring character in that book. He always wears dark glasses. No one knows why.
  • The Golden Wolf has been referred to a few times and viewed exactly once. Evidently she is a werewolf who somehow retains her personality. She has been hinted to have had a past romantic relationship with Dionysus.
  • Koyoloki is a quieter addition to the World-Wide Watch, discovered on one of Ill Proffessur's sabbaticals. He possesses great physical power, and has a propensity for tricks, both harmless against his fellows in the WWW, and harmful to the point of incapacitation against villains.
  • Renart de Bott, an undead hero who often takes on the more tasteless tasks, often pairing up to "do the dirty work". He is viewed by some readers as almost an anti-hero.
  • Icefire appears to have some form of multiple personality disorder, and her different personalities have opposing powers. One of her personalities has the power to produce and control fire, the other the same with ice and cold. She is a sometime paramour of Dionysus, and as such a romantic rival of The Golden Wolf.
  • Dionysus is easily the most controversial member, and has been since its founding. He claims to be the Greek god of the same name, commanding a variety of impressive powers including super-strength, clairvoyance, a kind of precognition, animalistic shape-shifting (he can become a bull, a leopard or a serpent) and virtual invulnerability. He wields a thyrsus to control the weather and has the ability to fly. Among other things, he can be either extremely cryptic or the life of any party.

In the past, its membership included Night Eagle and Ironstar, a married couple who died in the line of duty.


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