White Arrow Lines

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Aq Oğı Hawa Liniyeler
White Arrow Lines
White Arrow Lines.PNG
Type State Enterprise
Founded 1956
Location Ürümçi, Uyguristan
Key people KEY PEOPLE
Industry Aviation
Products Air transportation
Revenue Green up.png 26 million Uygur Som

White Arrow Lines is the national flagship airline of Uyguristan. It is a slightly smaller firm than the Turkestani national airline Türkistan Hava Yolları, and has a network of connecting flights that is mostly very different from the Turkestani airline.

Where Türkistan Hava Yolları has focused on developing connections more to the south and west, White Arrow Lines’ focus has been more northwards and eastwards. They have numerous connections with Siberian and sub-Siberian Russia, the Chinas and Tibet, but very little with Persia, northern Qazaqstan or Europe.

There is some overlap where the two airlines compete directly, but while these areas are growing, they are still small. This is the result of a Snorist-era "gentlemen's agreement" between the two companies not to compete directly against one another. Since the break-up of the CMAEC economic alliance and the Qaşgar War between Turkestan and Uyguristan, this agreement has broken down, but it has taken some time for the respective airlines to break into each other's territories.

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