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Here is the list of weapons that exist mainly in Ill Bethisad.


Service Rifle

This page describe the Service rifles of Ill Bethisad


Used by Russia shortly after the Second Great War. It and its variants are used by SNORist states as well as certain nationalist regimes. *Here's* Ak-47 more or less. It has become immortalised in North American pop culture due to its surprising popularity among drug cartels and street gangs.


  • Russia
  • Malorussia/Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Skuodia
  • Hungary (made there as the AMD-65)
  • Muntenia (made there as Pistol Mitralieră model 1963).
  • Moldova
  • Muntenia
  • Nassland (made there as the M-62)
  • Bulgaria (after 1987)
  • Bornei-Filipinas
  • Ezo (made there as the Type 58)
  • Mongolia
  • Turkestan
  • Judea (as the Galil)
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
  • Dalmatia as the AMP-95

Heckler and Koch G3

Made mainly in Wurttemburg, it was the standard rifle of many German states and also of Greece, in cooperation with Hellenic Defence Systems.

Steyr AUG

Developed in the Kingdom of Austria. Standard rifle in Ireland as well.

Howa Type 89

Standard assault rifle of Japan, Shanghai, Kanawiki, and Kambuza.


Beihanguo's bullpup assault rifle.

Automatic Rifle 16

Standard rifle of the North American League.


A bullpup rifle developed for use by the Federated Kingdoms in 1996. Known to have design issues.


Originally a Greek-designed rifle, this lost out to the G3 in Greece due to being obsolete when introduced. They later exported it to Xliponia and Albania in 1980, they were retired twenty years later.


A French assault rifle that uses a bullpup configuration.

Madsen ak-10

A Scandinavian Espingol assault rifle.

Zastava M61 Autovka

A Danubian assault rifle, coming from captured Russian SKS stocks and converted to an assault rifle. *Here's* Chinese Type-63 assault rifle but with features of the Yugoslav SKS/Papovka rifle. This and many variants remain the standard assault rifle of the former Danubian states and colonies, though Croatia adopted its own VHS rifle, and both Bulgaria and Serbia adopting AK-style assault rifles; Dalmatia also uses AK-derived rifles but the APS-95 seems to be divergent enough. The Autovka is also the standard assault rifle of Bavaria, Hunan, and Nea Illenaica. The stereotypical communist soldier is seen with the M61.

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