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A video game is an electronic software that enables a user to play games. It can be played through a computer, or with the more recent versions, with a videogame player, similar to a videodisk player in design, but different in that it has gaming control pads attached to the device by wire.

Ralph Baer, a Rhineland-Palatinate emigrant to the North American League, first thought of creating video games in 1951 after working at business machine firms in England and the North American League. However, only managed to create a working prototype to the American Magnavox Company in 1973, producing the Odyssey. General Instruments also made a dedicated video game machine called the GI Entertainment System, and the Irish Glas 2300 was released in 1978, with Norberto Bushnell from Alta California leading the development.

Due to market over-saturation by low quality video-games, the gaming industry in the Atlantic world crashed in 1984. It enabled Japanese companies to eventually dominate the market by the end of 1980s. The Nintendo Card Company of Japan, formerly producing playing cards, have eventually move on to arcade games, and later hired talented designers to create the Family Entertainment System, released in 1985. Its slew of critically acclaimed video games have earned Nintendo a place in video gaming culture. Rivals Sega and Sony (formerly known as To├žuco) also developed their own consoles, the Uranus and the FunStation, respectively.

By then, the North American gaming industry recovered in the 1990s, by concentrating instead on putting games through personal computers. These games are typically sold in video-disk format, but by the 2010s, the dominant format is by the smaller compact disk instead, as personal computers are getting smaller by the day.

In Europe, the dominant trend there is by accessing games through home Teliteacs, Bycopel, or Minitel systems. While early games can be accessed through the system themselves, recently, video game consoles can be installed to the videotex machines to enable third-party video games to be played.

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