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Hi, Barry.

I guess we should finally settle out the differences between Montrey and Castillian history regarding Alta California. Have you a link for your published version of the history?


Hi, Carlos.

No, I haven't gotten around to that. I did write a bit on Montréi's history on that page. What were your ideas? I know we had a bit of a disagreement on some things (and I realize I was in error with some of it -- I misunderstood you). Do you have anything revised? - Doobieous

I have some proposals in Talk:History of Castile and Leon.

Basically, from 1822 to 1834, California is in a limbus and claimed by both Mejico and Castile-Leon. In 1834, they declare independence, kicking off the weak Castilian authorities, but are easily invaded by Mejico. During the Mejican civil war (1838-1857), Californians attempt again to break free, successfully.

--Chlewey 09:02, 16 Feb 2005 (PST)


That can work, but I was under the impression that Mexico (which included the northern territories) declared independence, which then sparked the northern territories to attempt it on their own. Here, news didn't reach Califronios for some time that Mexico _had_ rebelled. - Doobieous 10:40 2/16/05


First, thanks for your "letter" that has started this very useful (and long-overdue) discussion. Second, I look forward to information about Montrei! Third, Telepopmusik is very enjoyable listening. Fourth, well, keep up the good work! BoArthur 12:55, 23 June 2006 (PDT)

Golden Gate Bridge

While a Bay Bridge is almost certainly out of the question in the San Francisco area, what about a Golden Gate Bridge? The North Bay Area was a rural, undeveloped backwater as much *here* as *there*, and in many ways is still a very sparsely populated area. (I should know--I've been there!) In addition, the main incentive for growth that did exist in the area was the Southern Pacific railroad, which unlike the Trans-Continental Railroad does exist *there*. Now, I could be wrong with all of this, which is why I would like your opinion on it--do you think a Golden Gate Bridge would be doable in IB's San Francisco, or no? Juan Martin Velez Linares 15:01, 23/3/2016 (CDT)

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