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RoMex (Rickard) is one of the newer members of Ill Bethisad but has quickly come into his own, and deserves the title whispered in fear by lazy-wikipedians the web over: The Organizer


My name is Rickard Linder and I come from Ă–stersund, Sweden (*there* it would be Ă˜stersund, Norway, Scandinavian Realm). I am currently studying biotechnology in Trondheim, Norway. Among others I am very interested in maps, flags, coat of arms and languages. The fascinating world of Ill Bethisad of course touches all of these interests and ever since I discovered it I can not stop my curiousity to find out more about it.

Since four years back I have had a special interest in Romania and the Romanian language and even though not evering in IB would seem very favourable from a Romanian point of view (Romanians not having resisted the Ottoman turks, Transilvania never having been a part of Romania and so on) it is still so interesting to for example see the existance of a relative strong nation (Dalmatia) with a language clearly reminding of Romanian.

I will be following with exitement the development of this project and I will be honored to make my contribution to the expanding of knowledge regarding the reality of Ill Bethisad!

First of all I would be focusing on the Romanian Federation (and the three countries it consists of). My main area of contribition would be geography and administrative divison. I'm currently making a map of the RF that will among others show the administrate division of the three countries. Based on my map and the information I have available I will will expanding the information on these countries. I also have ideas for maps of other countries that I will be developing later on.

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