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Kings of England

Pls no touch this not finished

The Romans, in England, they once did sway,
And the Saxons they after them led the way,
And they tugg'd with the Danes 'till an overthrow
They both of them got by the Norman bow.
Yet, barring all pother, the one and the other
Were all of them Kings in their turn.

Little Willy the Conqueror long did reign;
But Billy his Son by an arrow was slain;
And Harry the First was a scholar bright,
But Stephy was forc'd for his Crown to fight.
Yet, barring, &c.

Second Harry, Plantagenet's name did bear,
And Cœur de Lion was his son and heir;
But Magna Charta we gain'd from John,
Which Harry the Third put his seal upon.
Yet barring, &c.

There was Teddy the First like a tiger bold,
But the Second by rebels was bought and sold;
And Teddy the Third was his subjects' pride,
Though his Grandson Dicky was popp'd aside.
Yet, barring, &c

There was Harry the Fourth, a warlike wight,
And Harry the Fifth like a cock would fight,
Though Henny his Son like a chick did pout,
When Teddy his Cousin had kick'd him out.
Yet, barring, &c.

Poor Teddy the Fifth, he was kill'd in bed,
By butchering Dick, who was knock'd in the head;
Then bonny King Jamy from Scotland came.
And Mary, the babe, as England's first dame
Yet, barring, &c.

Poor Charley the First to Scotland did flee,
But Charley his Son returned with glee;
And Jemmy the Second, when hotly spurr'd,
Ran away, do you see me, from Willy the Third.
Yet, barring, &c.

Queen Ann was victorious by land and sea,
And Georgey the First did with glory sway;
And, as Georgey the Second has long been dead,
Long life to the Georgey we have in his stead.
And may his Son's Sons, to the end of the Chapter,
All come to be Kings in their turn.


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