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Pavel Iosad
Name in Manoeg: Pol Wybond
Name in Skuodian: Paule Josade
Nicknames: uhh... not yet
 Date: January 10, 1985
 Place: Moscow, Russia
Place of residence: Moscow, Muscovy, Russian Federation
Profession: Linguistics student; making a living as translator and copy-editor
Natural languages: (just a selection; in no particular order)
Russian, English, Welsh, Swedish, Italian, Latin, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Belarusian
Constructed languages: Skuodian, Manoeg
IB Related Infos: No. 21 on The List

The user name is, of course, my real name. I have been quite dormant recently (Real LifeTM, you know!). I am responsible for Skuodia and Belarus (under the watchful eye of the beholder) and Isle of Man (all the more so!); probably developments elsewhere are not too likely to afflict these places (and I try to keep an eye on them), but do give me a nudge if I'm needed. This is also possible by email, which is p.[my surname] [at]

Sometimes I can be also found on my LJ blog, but it is mostly in Russian.

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