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Juan Martin Velez Linares
Name in Brithenig: Iewan Martin Figilin Linares
Name in Montreiano: Joan Martin Veleç Linares
Name in French: Jean Martín Veléz Linares
Name in Xliponian: Iogain Martin Ficileç Linares
 Date: October 20, 1999
 Place: Medellin, Nôva Granada

Number 78 on The List, I suppose, currently living a mere two hours from Chicago. Goes by Martin in daily life, and by several embarrassing screen names on the Internet. Lover of languages, history, writing, music, and train travel. Pianist, tenor and electronic music producer. Utterly and completely asexual. Thinks the IB music scene needs a little kick in its step. EDM fanatic.

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